Helping parents help their children through separation

Equipping parents be better prepared to help their children effectively adapt to the many issues affecting them during periods of stressful family transition.


A Focus on Education:
Video-based curriculum

Real-life scenarios
Do’s and Don’ts for parents


Parents will learn:
How to talk to their children

How to take care of themselves
Ways to answer difficult questions
And much more


A Focus on Family & Community: Increased support of children

Reduces post-decree court appearances
4 hours of parenting education

The Course


Session 1

The goals of the program are to provide you information and teach you skills as parents to ease the divorce process for your children and yourselves. For Session 1, our goals are for you to learn how to take care of yourself and your children, understand what your children's needs are, and learn how to communicate with your children. We will also learn how to resolve conflict with your ex-partner.

Unlocked after completing Session 1

Session 2

We will watch and learn about some common pitfalls that parents experience when going through a separation. It’s important to know that these are natural mistakes to make. For each of the seven problems we will present to you, we will show you what the problems look like. Then we’ll show you what you should do instead. At the end of this program, we will discuss some considerations for moving forward after separation.

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